2017 Global Pilots' Symposium

The 2017 GPS has come to an end with very positive results. The 1-day event was attended by more than 300 worldwide pilot representatives (record attendance). It should come as no surprise the key role this event plays in the pilot representation world. A quick recap includes the participation of seven speakers (Karen Walker, Mark Hamlin, Duane Woerth, Milt Isaacs, Hassan Yussuf, Roger Phillips, and Greg Everhard). In addition, we had 3 discussion panels (labour, atypical Employment and Social Media). Ten pilots conducted these panels, providing great insight, positions and discussion points. The diversity in these panels pointed to more than ten countries and every IFALPA region was included. This brought a truly international event to the world´s hub of aviation, the beautiful city of Montreal.

GPS 2018 is already being prepared thanks to the feedback given by the participants of this year´s symposium. The surveys have indicated a strong demand to revisit Mark Hamlin´s presentation. His presentation is available in the archives. Karen´s speech created plenty of discussion points. The Social Media presentation/panels kept the crowd engaged. Our Unity segment left the attendees wishing for more.

The GPS Organizing Committee (GOC) will keep pushing forward. Your feedback forms are being analyzed and next year´s event is on the drawing board. Moving forward, we count on the participation of pilot leaders, industry experts, airline executives and government officials that participate in this, which is the largest industry forum in the world. We are hard at work to create an even better GPS in 2018.

So please, explore our archives and we look forward to seeing you in 2018 in Luxembourg to discuss the issues that matter.

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Special thanks

For their intense effort and dedication to make this event succesful, we'd like to add a special thanks to Mleue Lindeman, Sebastián Currás and ACPA.

Leadership: Opportunities and Challenges

This year's seventh annual Global Pilots' Symposium (GPS VII) combines the efforts of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA) with pilot leaders from the three global alliances – the Associations of Star Alliance Pilots (ASAP), the Oneworld Cockpit Crew Coalition (OCCC), and the SkyTeam Pilots Association (SPA), to explore the current state of affairs on the airline industry.

GPS VII counts on the participation of top airline executives and industry experts offering their unique perspective on matters of labour around the world, addressing the latest in management-labour relationship. Throughout the symposium, we will uncover the rapidly evolving communication platforms, the generational hand-off, exposure to Social Media, and experience first-hand how it affects us.

In response to the feedback from previous years, GPS VII will bring speakers from all corners of the world to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the airline industry in different continents.

GPS has become the largest and most highly anticipated global aviation industry forum and since 2011, hundreds of the world's most influential pilot leaders, industry experts, airline executives and government officials have participated in this interactive forum and this year it won't be different. GPS is more than just talk, it's an experience where rather than just discussing issues, strategic tools are given alongside action plans for the profession at large and although there is still much work to be done towards a permanent solution, we have taken more than just the first step.

Our objective is to promote, mentor and develop the next generation of airline pilots' leaders.